Vejledning til Sange fra i dag

Book / 96 pages / 200 copies
(Anyines / År & Dag)
'Vejledning til Sange fra i dag' guides to the musical work 'Sange fra i dag' with texts, sheet music, poems, system drawings and illustrative notes, to give insight into the work's structural form, lyricism and the processual genesis of the songs.

'Sange fra i dag' is a song cycle composed for a new playback format that can be downloaded for iOS and Android. As you listen to the music, continuous variations are formed, making each listen unique. The underlying system design allows the songs to evolve dynamically, based on rules and randomness.

Printed at Eks-Skolens Trykkeri
Designed with Wilfred Wagner
Photos by Fryd Frydendahl and Luca Berti
Preface by Pernille Zidore Nygaard

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