Solo piece for violin

‘Lærkeanimationer’ (‘Lark animations’, 2023) is an exploration of the existence of the song lark through a commemorative study. The work draws inspiration from the bird's movement patterns and behaviour, focused around the violin, and invites the audience to embark on a journey of imagination and memory, in the intricate world of the lark.

The score of 'Lærkeanimationer' is designed as an impulsive animator, bringing together individual musical fragments. The performance unfolds with twelve sheets of music encircling the violinist, animating the flight of the songbird through the expansive sky, rustling bushes, and hidden spots. The music intertwines with the violinist's gestures, the resonant sound waves emanating from the instrument, and the sweeping motions of the bow, collectively giving life to a series of actions that vividly evoke the presence of the lark.

The world premiere of ‘Lærkeanimationer’ took place at Gong Tomorrow festival in Copenhagen in 2023.

︎ Watch performance here