Solo piece for violin

'Lærkeanimationer' (2023) is a commemorative study of the song lark and its existence. The work is based on the movement patterns and behavior of the lark, which has been translated into a solo piece for violin.

The structure and set-up of the score functions in the performance of 'Lærkeanimationer' as an impulse animator, where individual stills are put together and coherent movements are created. The twelve sheets of music encircle the violinist, and animate the flying songbird through sky and wind, bush and hide - embodied by the sound waves of the music, the body of the violin, the movements of the bow and the gestures of the violinist. Together, a gestalt, a series of actions that evoke the presence of the lark.

'Lærkeanimationer' have no fixed length, as the work is composed as non-linear progressions, and can in principle be played indefinitely.

︎ Watch performance of ‘Lærkeanimationer’ here