Livets Midte 

(Institut Funder Bakke)

Livets Midte is is a digital game presented as a playable landscape painting on a digital touchscreen, which evolves interactively with audience participation. The work explores the movements and spirituality of nature through landscape fantasy, capturing the rhythm and motion of nature as a trace of memory rather than a logical representation.

According to predetermined rules and systems, the audience can alter elements of the work affecting both visual and sonic aspects such as the direction of the wind, or triggering a lark's song or changing the way light reflects on the water.

The title of the work is derived from a poem by the German Romanticist Friedrich Hölderlin. In this work the poet is placed in a central role as the celebrant of the gods and joy. Similarly, in the 3D environments of Livets Midte, the player is positioned at the center, in first-person view, with the ability to control movements and variations in nature.

The music is composed for an octet and developed using a systematic approach to notation, where grids serve as the actual music sheets. The musical grids subsequently form the perspective foundation for the landscapes.

The interplay of composition, nature and gaming creates a digital cultivation where the player is engaged as both artist and gardener.

Exhibited at Institut Funder Bakke, June-August 2024.

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