Sange fra i dag

Song cycle / non-linear music player
(Anyines / År & Dag)
‘Sange fra i dag’ is a song cycle of nine songs, composed and recorded as non-linear progressions, which can only be experienced through an App for smart devices. The app is made to playback the systemic paths of the songs, and with each playback you can experience numerous variations.

Between clear harmonies and flexible notes from the piano and flute, two boys’ voices weave the poems in and out of the melodies, easy, glowing and alert. On the recordings, the songs are performed by singers from the Danish Boys' Choir (Det Danske Drengekor). With minimal compositions and caring poetry, ‘Sange fra i dag’ unfolds relations between the language and life forms of economy, and lived human experience. No final sum is given, but rather a state that is both new and unchanging.

︎ Download app here: Google Play + Apple Store

Composition/concept: Aske Zidore & Anders Lauge Meldgaard
Poems: Ida Zidore
Vocalists: Det Danske Drengekor
Choir leader: Emil Ritter
Piano: Nadia Okrusko
Flute: Adam Woer
Programming/systemdesign: Nils Iver Holtar & Aske Zidore
Graphics/UI design: Aske Zidore
System drawings: Wilfred Wagner
Info text: Pernille Zidore Nygaard