Garden companion

Robotic lawn mower, raspberry pi, bluetooth speaker

In the installation ‘Hagefølge’ (‘Garden companion’) a robotic lawn mower gracefully roams across the green expanse of a lawn. As it moves, a chanting voice resonates from it, performed by the priest at Nidaros Cathedral, Andreas Hilmo Grandy-Teig, reciting newly written poems by Zidore. This evocative synergy creates a poignant commentary on the isolated and lonely existence these machines endure as they silently reduce the lawn maintenance work of homeowners. By giving it a voice, viewers are confronted with the poetry of the perpetual journey that pervades the mechanical routine of these autonomous garden companions, meanwhile invites contemplation of the deeper human connections that can be lost in our daily lives.

Poems and composition: Aske Zidore
Voice: Andreas Hilmo Grandy-Teig
Programming: Sune Øllgaard Klem

︎ Watch video documentation here