Musik i en tid  

Music album

‘Musik i en tid’ contains vocal observations, notes on art, sound and lived life over time. The list of contributors is long, full of children, siblings, beloved friends, fellow artists, a Swedish choir that all have crossed paths with Pernille and I, making the result more of a collective piece, where circumstances have formed the outcome, rather than it being pre-arranged and produced.

Lyrics, music and arrangement:
Aske Zidore & Pernille Zidore Nygaard

Recorded at Andersabo, Unnaryd Church, Støkmark, Tvind, Kornhult, Kastrup Church, Blågårds Church, Alecto and Vedersø Klit (2018/2019)

Mastered by Malthe Fischer
Photo: Luca Berti
Handmade artwork by Maria Zahle and DEAP

Edition of 100 vinyls

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Aske Zidore