Game mechanics for voices I: ‘Crows’

Card game for 3 to 4 vocalists
Game mechanics for voices I is a play based on one-syllable sounds.

Each vocalist start with four randomly dealt cards placed in the card holders in front of them. Holders must be placed so that the participating vocalists cannot see each other's cards. The rest of the cards are spread out in the middle of a table / on the floor.

The vocalists alternate, clockwise, to swap one of their cards with a card from the table / floor. At each swap, they are required to speak out (loud, and crow-like) the sounds of their current deck of cards, from left to right. This has to be done looping the sounds rhytmically (at approx. 80 bpm). Each card is indicated by either a rhythmic eighth or quarter note. Together, these indicate the rhythmic pattern that the four cards create.

In this example the first note is an eighth note, followed by three quarter notes:

The vocalist must continue this rhythmic pattern of sounds until the next vocalist has swapped a card, and has started their current pattern.

In this way, the play continues until each of the vocalists get four of the same sounds (e.g. "[ɪz]”, "[ɪz]”, "[ɪz]”, "[ɪz]”). Vocalists stop one at a time until all of them have achieved this.

︎ Download printable cards (front)
︎ Download printable cards (back)

Aske Zidore